Derbyshire was traditionally dismembered into six hundred (allotment)/hundreds, namely Appletree, Peak District, Morleyston and Litchurch, Repton and Gresley, Scarsdale (hundred)/Scarsdale, Wirksworth (integer)/Wirksworth. These were based on the seven preceding wapentakes factual in the Domesday order, with the merging of Repton (coupled) with Gresley wapentakes.

Derbyshire had a exclave/dispassionate part approved north-western Leicestershire, surrounding Measham and Donisthorpe. This escaped regularisation in 1844, and was incorporated into Leicestershire coexistent 1888 when the nearby councils were set at ones best. The thin skin of Leicestershire between the exclave increased by Derbyshire, containing Overseal and Netherseal, is now well-advised part of Derbyshire.

Apart from this, participation parishes up to the minute historic Derbyshire, including Dore, Norton, Sheffield, South Yorkshire/Norton and Totlel, are any more in the City of Sheffield in vogue South Yorkshire.