Welcome to the Around Derby website. This is a website dedicated to providing useful information about Derby and the surrounding area. Derby is a city located in the middle of England (referred to as the Midlands). The town is close to the large cities of Nottingham and Leicester. The city of Derby is the namesake of the county in which it sits, Derbyshire. The county spans across the area known as the Peak District which is a well-known region due to its outstanding natural beauty with its rolling hills, beautiful countryside and quaint villages.

Things to do

There are a lot of things to do in Derby and choosing can sometimes be the most difficult task. The county of Derbyshire covers an area of outstanding natural beauty called the Peak District. This area provides a wealth of outdoor activities if you and your friends or family like to do that sort of thing. If outdoor activities aren’t your cup of tea then you can always visit one of the many beautiful villages in the Peak District which will be only too happy to welcome you and your family.

Places to go

There are lots of places to go in Derby that will be interesting and entertaining to all the members of the family. There are plenty of places to shop, to entertain the children and to even keep grumpy teens occupied.

History of Derby

This section will cover a brief history of Derby and the surrounding areas. There are lots of historical sites in the Derbyshire area that will be of great interest to many history addicts who visit the area every year. From the Cathedral in the town centre to Dale Abbey, an old monastery that has been ruined for hundreds of years. Derby is considered the crossroads of history due to its central location in England.

As you can see there is lots of information about everything you need to know about Derby and the surrounding areas. There are lots of things that you and your family can occupy your time with if you ever find yourselves in the area and you can always find something for all the family. If you need any more information on just what you can get up to when in Derby just click the link below from the official Visit Derby website: